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Parkour Camp

Parkour Camp is an intense 5-day training program. Students will train 3 hours a day in the urban environment. Exploring new ways to move in and around Londons council estates and public property, back to how it all started. Also, we snack at the halfway point every day so do bring something to eat, and no we don't stop training if it is cold, wet, or raining.


The camps are designed to develop listening skills, patience and respect through the use of our rigorously developed camp training system. Days 1 and 2 will give the students the chance to work on basics fundamentals, while days 3, 4, and 5 will have increasing difficulty each day. IF the students were listening and patient on the first few days they will be able to keep up with the sharp increase in difficulty. However, if they were not as focused, they may have to return to another camp to see if they can improve next time. The final day, concludes with a challenge we call Death Drop. This challenge is one in which the students will have to use the moves they learn over the week in a risky location. They can either back out or attempt it, the choice is theirs to make. 

Currently, we have a number of camps, each with its own focus. 

  • Precision Camp - Only 5 students have completed all challenges.

  • Cat Camp - Only 1 student has completed all challenges.

  • Balance Camp - Only 2 students have completed all challenges.

  • Acro Camp - 0 students have completed all challenges.

  • Vault Camp - Only 2 students have completed all challenges.

  • Death Drop Camp - No students have gained access to this camp yet. 

  • Beast Mode Camp - No students have gained access to this camp yet. 

Dates for this year's camps are as follows:

Half Term Holiday – 

Camp 1: Monday 24 October to Friday 28 October


Christmas Holiday – 

Camp 2:Monday 19 December  –

Camp 3:  – Wednesday 04 January 2023





Half Term Holiday – 

Camp 4: Monday 13 February to Friday 17 February


Easter Holidays – 

Camp 5: Monday 3th April – Friday 7th April

Camp 6: Monday 10th April – Friday 14th April





Half Term Holiday 

Camp 7: Monday 29 May to Friday 02 June


Camp  8: Monday 6th June – Friday 10th June

Camp 9: Monday 13th June – Friday 17th June

Camp 10: Monday 20th June – Friday 24th June

Camp 11: Monday 27th June – Friday 1st July

Camp 12: Monday 4th July – Friday 8th July

Camp 13: Monday 11th July – Friday 15th July


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