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We Use The Body To Train The Mind.

London Parkour Project is a professional parkour coaching academy that has been in business for over a decade. We specialise in training youth from ages 5-17, but we also train adults as well. 


We are the No. Parkour Coaching Company in South East London. Teaching in school times with our parkour-PE class, after school clubs and our dedicated academy classes.  To date, we have trained over 3,000 students in our way of parkour.

As of September 2023 we have:

  • 210 students enrolled.

  • 5 Coaches & Assistant Coaches

  • Clases at 6 Schools

Indoor Parkour Classes

Our Parkour Gym

Learn parkour our way, including grading system from beginners level to intermediate. Uses hard and soft equipment that can be moved to meet the needs of the student. Teaching our three training aspects. 

  1. Parkour Specific Techniques.

  2. Physical Conditioning. 

  3. Mental & Mind Set Training. 

Parkour In Schools & Universities

London Parkour Project have been running classes in schools since 2013. We run classes during PE, after School Clubs and also we offer classes within our own academy. 


Some schools and universities we have worked with over the years either through university societies, after-school programs or as part of their PE program during school hours.  


Queen Mary, University of London

Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry

Imperial College London


Leyton Sixth-form college

Secondary Schools

St Matthews Academy

Forest Hill Boys School Sports Center

Sydenham Girls School 

Primary Schools

St Bartholomew’s Primary Sydenham

Sir Thomas Abney Primary

Haseltine Primary

Olive School Hackney Primary

The New School, Crystal Palace

Tidemill Academy

Housing Associations

Clarion Futures Housing




All coaches have up-to-date: 

  • Safeguarding Certificates

  • Enhanced DBS Certificates

  • Public Liability Insurance

Coaches are Certified by the Following Organisations

  • ParkourUK - the governing body for parkour in the UK

  • World Parkour and Frerunning Federation - Internationally Recognised

  • Art du Déplacement And Parkour Teaching (A.D.A.P.T.) - Internationally Recognised

  • British Gymnastics - Recognised in UK

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Outdoor Parkour Classes


Outdoor Parkour Classes

At London Parkour Project we have a few regular and dedicated outdoor parkour classes. Every week students train in the outdoor urban environment, learning how to apply parkour moves in real situations.


The block classes use a combination of technical techniques to develop an individual's parkour skills.

  • Drills to build confidence in the parkour specific moves.

  • Games to help students to develop a natural movement in a fun way. 

No need to be afraid as we start all beginners at the ground level and then build up to higher and higher jumps. One should expect bumps and scrapes as well as a twisted ankle or pulled muscle from time to time, and on the rare occasion more serious injuries.  

We train in all weathers if it's super hot, wet, and even cold, as this helps to develop the student further. If you are able to land a move safely in a wet and slippery environment then the next time you come to the move in the dry you will feel more confident to perform this move and will feel comfortable running that little bit faster and jumping that little bit higher. If you can survive training on very hot days, you will find you will have better stamina in mild weather, and if you train in the cold, you will certainly appreciate the sunny days when they come. At the end of the day, this is England, so expect English weather.



Class Types

We have three class types for outdoor parkour: 

  1. Standard Outdoor

  2. Elite Outdoor Parkour

  3. University Outdoor

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climbing and blue bars

Parkour Camp

cat kong role.jpg

Parkour Camp is an intense 5-day training program. Students will train 3 hours a day in the urban environment. Exploring new ways to move in and around Londons council estates and public property, back to how it all started. Also, we snack at the halfway point every day so do bring something to eat, and no we don't stop training if it is cold, wet, or raining.


The camps are designed to develop listening skills, patience and respect through the use of our rigorously developed camp training system. Days 1 and 2 will give the students the chance to work on basics fundamentals, while days 3, 4, and 5 will have increasing difficulty each day.


If the students were listening and patient on the first few days they will be able to keep up with the sharp increase in difficulty. However, if they were not as focused, they may have to return to another camp to see if they can improve next time.


The final day, concludes with a challenge we call Death Drop. This challenge is one in which the students will have to use the moves they learn over the week in a risky location. They can either back out or attempt it, the choice is theirs to make. 

Currently, we have a number of camps, each with its own focus. 

  • Precision Camp - Only 5 students have completed all challenges.

  • Cat Camp - Only 1 student has completed all challenges.

  • Balance Camp - Only 2 students have completed all challenges.

  • Acro Camp - 0 students have completed all challenges.

  • Vault Camp - Only 2 students have completed all challenges.

  • Death Drop Camp - No students have gained access to this camp yet. 

  • Beast Mode Camp - No students have gained access to this camp yet. 


Acrobatics for Parkour 

L.P.P. 2022-07-21 149.JPG

Join us for our new indoor acrobatics classes, with only 3 ranks in its grading system. 

The Main Focus  

  • Backbend

  • Back handspring

  • Backflip

  • Frontflip

  • Roundoff


Mental Aspects Often Overlooked

Unlike gymnastics where the end result is a controlled environment like olympics or competitions, where the environment is padded, your coach, judges and paramedics are on site.


The end result for parkour is an uncontrolled environment. The surface may be wet, or slippery. It might be dark, cold or raining. A few broken bricks or glass might be on the ground. The height you jump from effects your self belief.


Our classes are a rough and tumble environment that trains students both mentally and physically in preparation for this. And maintains the culture of parkour outdoors within our indoor classes. 

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