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Brief History

London Parkour Project was first started because as young Londoners we couldn't find anything within the mainstream education system that fulfilled us. We found that school increasing became more competitive and focused on certificates. We couldn't see much value in the tension between friends and a piece of paper that said we knew something that we forgot later that year.



When we found parkour it was raw, unadulterated. This was even before there were coaches and certification. Everyone was inspired to learn real skills, things that they could use, and as young adults, we could grasp the value of physical movement. It linked our imagination of what we wanted to be and built our self-esteem. That is to say, that after we imagined something, we then set out a way to do it, and eventually overcame our own preconceptions.

Hahaha, at the time we felt that we were breaking out of the conditioning that modern society had for us.


What was even greater, is that as time went on people from all over the world traveled to train in the most amazing architectures. At this time, others showed us how dedicated they were to training. Showing off mind-blowing movements over what seemed like impossible distances and risky heights. After seeing what we believed to be impossible countless times over the years, it was enough to make us a believer in self-determination. We knew that we could do anything, even non-parkour challenges, as long as we dedicated ourselves.


Not only did we jump together, but we shared days together. Exchanging our views on the world. Learning the different world-views of all the different people who trained. However, not only did people say what they thought, but they also showed what they meant, through the jump. 


In the end, times changed, people grew up, moved away, and got jobs. When I tried to search for other groups that practiced parkour, I could not quite find one that even remotely felt like what I experienced. So I decided to create the London Parkour Project with a few friends. We were able to capture in a small way the experience that we had before, and eventually package them into our own brand of parkour class.


As I myself grew, I found that I wanted to tackle more national issues. The project then became a social enterprise that was focused on inspiring the young through movement to find their own determination and drive. Furthermore, we also wanted to create a way to provide jobs for people during the last global recession. 

2010 - Start developing teaching system with small group


2012 - Started delivering classes for university societies


2013 - Started first indoor parkour classes with college students. 


2017 - Started first long term classes with primary schools.


2018 - Reinvesting money back into company equipment.

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2020 - Surviving the Covid-19 lockdowns by adapting.

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