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Our Equipment

At London Parkour Project we have our own custom made equipment. If you have ever wanted to find parkour equipment that would work really well at your site please do contact us. We have worked for years to develop equipment that can easily be moved about, yet still being robust and heavy enough to use in class. Our Air based equipment works well in places in which you may not have a lot of space. In this case, our air based products can be deflated and stored in a very small space indeed. Adding to this, the products are more portable making it easier to use in areas other than the ground floor.  

If you would like to work with us, and you would also like to order your own equipment for your site then maybe this is a good start. 

L.P.P. Pics 2022-07-14 063.JPG


Professional air track. Perfect for learning to flip without the need for a trampoline or a foam pit. This project is perfect for a multi use area. 



4.0 x 4.0 x 0.3 m

2.0 x 8.0 x 0.3 m


Price: £4,000.00

Nesting Blocks

Blocks designed to store in a small place. Each block is made to fit within the previous one, as well as being able to connect with each other through bars. 

Great advantage to have solid objects as part of your indoor training equipment. 

Material: Hexagrip Plywood.

Price: £2,500.00 per set. 


Nesting Bollards

A similar concept to the nesting block, the bollards offer new challenges brought on by the unique form factor. These blocks, both small and large require more accuracy to land on than their nesting block counterparts. 

Perfect for strides.

Material: Hexagrip Plywood.

Price: Please Contact Us. 

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