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Level 2 and Level 1 Parkour Coach - LPKP Hackney


Position:            Coach.

Hours per week:  Three hours.

Rate:                    Competitive.

Times:                  11:15 am - 3:15 pm (with one hour break).

Days of week:      Friday (over 14 weeks).

Starting:              September 2018. 

Other:                  'Community Sport' and 'Work Experience' eligible. 






London Parkour Project is looking for a level 2 and level 1 parkour coach who will be able to teach at one of our in-school bookings. 


The successful level 2 candidate will be expected to lead classes at a North London school, and be able to teach lessons for year 6 students. This programme aims to bring the children from beginners to advanced skills and will continue over a 14 week period. Each week will have three paid 1-hour classes back to back every Friday.


The successful level 1 coach will be expected to run individual training stations to train the flow, agility, conditioning, of the students along with the introduction of new moves and combination moves to aid in the progression of the students. Should be able to ensure a safe environment both in pre-class planning and during the session and will be able to work as part of a two-person team.  'Community Sport' and 'Work Experience' candidates will be expected to work within this role to a lesser capacity while also being supported in their coaching. 


About the candidate:

  • Has experience working with primary school children within a high-end client setting. 

  • Enjoys working with young children.

  • Able to control a class while maintaining a supportive and fun environment. 

  • Is able to work in a team, either leading or assisting. 


Required skills:

  • Able to set-up linked coaching lessons to ensure the development of parkour skills over 14 weeks.

  • Experience developing and communicating lesson plans to co-coach.  


Must hold the following required documentation:

  • Recent DBS check completed (not older than 3 years)

  • Safeguarding and protecting children certified

  • Public liability insured

  • Holds an up to date First Aid certificate (not older than 3 years)

  • Must be qualified as a parkour coach. Desired certifications are the ParkourUK level 1 and level 2 parkour/freerunning qualification. However, other certifications are also accepted, i.e. Freestyle Gymnastics, Gymnastics, Sports and Exercise Sciences.


This role is a regular booking for 14 weeks and may lead on to future regular positions. Please contact us for more details. 



How to apply:

Please contact us through email via (with the headline - LEVEL 2 PARKOUR COACH WANTED). Outlining your qualifications and why you would be a suitable candidate for this role. 

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